by YourNet Solutions

Customized reports
Customize report with client name, issues label like Snag, Defects, Observations etc, company name, company logo, auditor name, auditor signature and page footer.

Export reports with various options
Generate the pdf, excel sheet reports and export it with Email, Print, Dropbox, Evernote, Into other apps, iCloud, Google drive and iTunes.

Unlimited issues into a project
You can add unlimited issues to a projects with photo or without photos. Each issue can have multiple images.

Annotate the photo
Annotate a photo with various option. You can also decide the thickness and colour for each object that you want draw on photo.

Type Organize issues into projects
Organize issues into projects. You can prepare multiple list by create projects and prepare the report for different clients.our paragraph here.

Working on same project with multiple devices and team members
Multiple team members can work on same project on different devices and at end combine the items with the help of share function and generate the combine report.Type your paragraph here.